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Profile: Imran Ali Khan, PhD Scholar, Certified Data Scientist & Certified SAP Technology Consultant
Welcome to Eteach360.com! I am Imran Ali Khan, a highly accomplished PhD scholar specializing in Financial Time Series – International Finance. I am also a certified Data Scientist and SAP Technology Consultant. With a proven track record of success in research, analysis, and teaching, I bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the field of finance and accounting.
As a Senior Lecturer of Accounting and Finance at Northern University Nowshera, Pakistan, I have dedicated six years to shaping the minds of future professionals in the field. My passion for teaching is reflected in my commitment to delivering exceptional lectures, managing assignments and presentations, and organizing engaging co-curricular activities. I also provide academic support to professors and other staff, recruit and mentor new teaching assistants and junior staff, and conduct research leading to publications in academic journals.
Throughout my career, I have taught a diverse range of subjects, including Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Investment Banking, and more. My expertise extends to advanced topics such as Financial Econometrics, Financial Modelling, and Financial Statements Analysis.
In addition to my role as a lecturer, I serve as a Research Coordinator, contributing to the growth and development of research programs. I am skilled in patient registration for research studies, data collection and management, appointment scheduling, and maintaining professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders. My attention to detail ensures accurate completion and evaluation of case report forms, and I am adept at training and overseeing personnel, managing studies, and handling regulatory matters.
Furthermore, I am an active online academician, leveraging technology to deliver educational content and conduct research activities. Through my personal YouTube channel, Imran Ali Khan, I provide lecture recordings, compose interactive sessions, and engage in online research activities.
As an avid researcher, I have published several notable papers in esteemed journals, covering topics such as exchange rates, currency prediction, the impact of macro-economic variables on the stock market, and the determinants and forecasting of electricity consumption. My work has been recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, with publications categorized as X and Y.
To enhance my skills and stay at the forefront of the industry, I have pursued specialized training and certifications. These include Data Analysis with R, Introduction to Probability and Data with R, Linear Regression and Modeling, Inferential Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Financial Forecasting and Reporting, and more. These certifications, obtained through renowned institutions like Duke University, Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Michigan, demonstrate my commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.
If you are looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable finance and accounting professional with a strong background in research, teaching, and data analysis, look no further. I am confident that my expertise and passion for the field will contribute to the growth and success of your organization.
Please feel free to contact me at alimranmandoori@gmail.com or call me at 0092-333-927-7297. I look forward to discussing how I can add value to your team and contribute to achieving your organization’s goals.